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Coacoara Foundation

Eco-products that dont cost the earth

Product Reviews

I love my bamboo household towel. I have used it for soaking up spills, washing up, cleaning windows and even washing the car. It cleans up nicely in the washing machine, ready for the next job.. It’s so versatile and I feel like I am doing something for the environment. Great product Coacoara. I’m telling all my friends about it.

Karen Crabtree

I have been so pleased with the products that I have received from Coacoara Foundation. Some wonderful products with so much thought gone into how they are made and packed, protecting our planet and all of its nature. 100% recommendation.

Sharon Green

I swear by the Bamboo Household Towel for any spillages that happen around the house. 5 Star product and making a difference for the environment!

Mia Wrenford