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Small changes can go a long way

For me, there have been some great things to come out of pretty much a year in Lockdown but let’s face it, it’s been hard, really hard. Especially Lockdown 3.0. 

I made a rash decision last September with the job market being pretty rubbish, and decided to head to Uni at 22 in the middle of a pandemic. Personally,  I wouldn’t recommend doing that. I dropped out at Christmas and headed home to begin what I could’ve and should’ve been doing during that time at uni, job hunting. As the months have dragged on, I’ve got stuck deeper and deeper into a negative rut, both physically and mentally (for a bit of background, we’ll just say my mental health has not been tip top for a good few years!). I hit a point last week where I knew I needed to start looking after myself for the sake of my future, and if you know me; which you don’t but oh well, in order to make a change I have to be strict with myself. This change centred around something that has pretty much been a life or death aspect of my life since I was 17, food. This rut I’ve been in has seen me literally eating the same thing every day for probably the past month and I got to a point where I said to myself, “you are not going down this road again”.

So, let’s get into it. I set myself the challenge of having one vegetarian meal a day. The reason I did this was to make myself switch it up on the food front, be more creative and actually start cooking again, rather than just sticking to the norm. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I would have pre-sliced chicken/turkey or prawns with both lunch and dinner. After watching Seaspiracy, the prawns stopped and it was just chicken and turkey. So it’s been a week, it’s been nice and positive for me mentally but there is more to it than just the personal benefits. We have a box for plastic recycling in the kitchen, thanks to me, it fills up pretty quickly. Since sticking to my challenge and simplifying my shopping, it hardly fills up. So, with that one challenge I set myself for a personal reason, not even thinking environmentally, it has resulted in a positive environmental impact. Both from the point of view that it is beneficial to try and consume less meat and the reduction of single use plastics. 

I know this has been a bit of a story time about aspects of my life but there is a point I want to get across. The changes you make don’t have to be huge. I think that’s why so many people fail when they try to be more environmentally conscious, they think they have to change everything about their lives that they consider to be bad for the environment and as a result find it too hard and give up. I didn’t enter into this challenge with the goal of reducing my plastic use, but that’s what happened. There’s been a bulldozer effect and it’s come in a full circle. A personal change has resulted in a beneficial change for the environment which as a result, makes me feel better about myself and therefore has even more positive mental impact.


There you have it, make just one small change and it could lead to many more and you might be surprised by the direction that initial change takes you! 

Peace and love!