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What You Can Do

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Overfishing is on everyones mind at the moment, with the industry having the stage light in the last few weeks. This has shone some light on what actually goes on behind closed doors, and its not pretty. 

As a planet, we are catching 1.7 trillion fish a year which equals 5 million fish every single minute! This is an absurd amount of fish. But its not only fish being caught. Bycatching is a huge problem in the industry that is mindlessly killing marine life. 50 million sharks are caught yearly in these massive trawling nets, suffocated/mutilated and thrown back to die. 

Now, when you buy your canned fish, you might see the ‘Dolphin Friendly’ logo on there that makes you feel better about eating it. This has been found out to not be so dolphin friendly after all. Just off the coast of France alone, in the Atlantic, 10,000 dolphins are bycaught in fishing nets. 

So what can you do? 

Eat less or no fish. 

Sign the petition below to help us take this issue to the governments who are letting this happen. 

What You Can Do