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Micro Greens, Grow Your Own Kit - Sunflower


Wow, not only do these little fellows taste great in salads try throwing them in a wok for 30 seconds with one of your favourite recipes as a really healthy delicious and gluten free alternative to noodles. So tasty and succulent!

What is a Micro Green Grow your own kit? 

Growing micro greens is a lot of fun and anyone can grow them on a small scale at home, anywhere with a little light and warmth.

Of course, in line with the Truleaf philosophy we’ve put them together with minimal waste and sustainability at front of mind. Everything you need is contained within the kits along with full instructions. Just add water.

What’s more the packaging box itself is used as a tub to grow the greens.

Simply choose your variety by clicking the link below and we’ll have your kit to you within 5 days and ready to grow your first crop within 2 weeks.

Delivery: Will be shipped separately

Micro Greens, Grow Your Own Kit - Sunflower