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Natures Secrets

Eco Dome Medium - Ficus ginseng


Bonsai for beginners

You can recognize the ficus ginseng by its irregularly shaped aerial roots - Gingseng is Chinese for 'carrot' and shiny oval leaves. This Asian beauty, which looks a bit like a bonsai tree, is also very easy to handle and therefore a popular houseplant.


Discover how to take good care of your ecosystem in the care menu

  • MPS certified plants
  • Moss of which we know the origin and that does not affect nature
  • Recycled glassware from Europe from certified manufacturers
  • Pay safely and quickly afterwards

Special Region of Yogyakarta - Your mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself pack. It contains all the necessities and step-by-step instructions to get started.

Note The plants can deviate from the image in terms of colour, shape and size.

Delivery: Will be shipped separately


HEIGHT 28 cm

Eco Dome Medium - Ficus ginseng