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The Leafy Tea company

Jasmine Green Tea Biodegradable Pyramid Tea bags


Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is beautiful soft and aromatic tea, the fragrant jasmine flowers mixed with a smooth and mellow green tea create a balanced and soothing blend.
Green tea is scented with jasmine during the 'drying' process of tea harvesting, fresh jasmine flowers are then layered between the green tea leaves and the tea becomes 'scented' with its delicate perfume.

Contains caffeine 

Green tea & jasmine flowers

Brewing directions:

  • Brew one pyramid tea bag for 2-4 minutes depending on desired strength.
  • Add a little cold water to your mug then fill it up with boiling water, this lets the tea brew in 80 degree water resulting in a much better taste and no bitterness.


100% biodegradable packaging. Outer sleeve is made of cardboard and the inner bag is cornstarch, all heat sealed. Pyramid tea bags are made of cornstarch and heat sealed with a paper tag.

Jasmine Green Tea Biodegradable Pyramid Tea bags