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Natures Secrets

Terrarium Eco Cork Large - Botanical Vidar

East meets west
The Vidar contains two plants that complement each other perfectly. The polyscias is an exotic mini-tree from Asia with thin green leaves and the fittonia or mosaic plant has Peruvian roots and decorative, colourful leaves. The east and west united in one glass

Discover how to take good care of your ecosystem in the care menu

  • MPS certified plants
  • Moss of which we know the origin and that does not affect nature
  • Recycled glassware from Europe from certified manufacturers
  • Pay safely and quickly afterwards

Special Region of Yogyakarta - Your mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself pack. It contains all the necessities and step-by-step instructions to get started.

Note The plants can deviate from the image in terms of colour, shape and size.


HEIGHT 33 cm
MATERIAL Cork, Glass
PLACEMENT PLANT Not in direct sunlight

Terrarium Eco Cork Large - Botanical Vidar