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Coacoara Foundation

Coacoara Compostable Cling Film

Coacoara Compostable Cling Film
  • Made from organic corn starch
  • Can be composted in your home, garden or industrial compost site
  • 30cm x 30m
  • Fertilizes/ improves soil and natural pesticides
  • Can be disposed of with household food waste 
  • Microwave safe 
  • Fridge and freezer safe
  • Good self-stickiness, no glue or plastics 
  • Great at keeping food fresh




Our compostable products will disintegrate into the natural elements of the environment within approximately 90 days, leaving zero traces of toxicity in the soil. What’s more, is that our cling film can be fully degraded into CO2 and water under proper composting conditions. 

Whats more, our cling film is extra strong and its performance matches that of traditional PE/PVC cling film but with better breathability!

Coacoara Compostable Cling Film